SCC gofundme

SaveCaseClosed In 2011 we started a Youtube channel and Podcast with a simple tite, “Save Case Closed.” Case Closed is an anime drama. In the U.S it currently has 130 episodes(Season 1-5) dubbed in english. That may sound like a lot, but in Japan the show has over 700 episodes and fans in the U.S are heartbroken that it has been put on the back burner in the U.S due to low DVD sales.

I am asking for funding to help my group to be able to continue the quest of bringing Case Closed back to the U.S with an english dub. The money will be used to fund our trips across the country to various anime conventions where we will also have panels about our movement and efforts to revive the show, as well as educate the fans as to why it left in the first place. If there is any money leftover, my goal would be to purchase DVD’s of the series to then give away to fans who help fund us, while helping the sales of the series overall.

Thanks for the continued support!