Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target

Prices for The Fourteenth Target:

Amazon: $78.19 – Standalone DVD

OUT OF PRINT – Double Feature Including The Time Bombed Skyscraper

The Fourteenth Target opens with Inspector Megure being shot with a crossbow. A paper mache knife and a King from a deck of cards are found at the scene. Then, Eva Kadan receives a box of chocolates and is poisoned by them. Again, there is a Queen from the deck and a paper mache flower. The next day Dr. Agasa is also shot with a crossbow by a motorist and leaves behind a mache sceptre and a Jack from a deck of cards. Conan soon realize that the paper mache objects correspond to what the card figure is holding on the card left behind. Soon, it is found out that each victim is represented by a regular playing card. The order of the attacks starts from the highest card, the King, and goes down in order. Victims of face cards “clues” are objects that are being held in the playing card. Victims of non-face cards are represented by the playing card itself.

Realizing this, Richard and Conan try and find out the next targets and save them. Near the end, the family is invited to the Hotel Tycoon, where they found that many other have been invited by the hotel manager’s secretary. conan realized that they are also the target of the culprit. Kevin Simms dodged a shot by a crossbow where they found the playing card 8. Others realized that the hotel manager is already dead. The manager was found dead in an aquarium with the nine of spades. when nina oliver was asked about her previous deeds, she confessed that once she hit a motorbiker and escaped. All realized that it had no link with the murders. Soon Nina was murdered. Conan found that she had a cork but when she was murdered it was not there. He also realized that the culprit is a right handed and noot jo. but the building explodes and water rushes inside. Rachel almost dies when a car is stuck on her leg, but Conan saves her.they saw playing cards from six to two floating in water. He realizes that the criminal is Kevin Simms, and explains everything using his voice-changing tie. Hearing this, Simms takes Rachel hostage. He leads them to the roof of the collapsing hotel where a helicopter has been called in. Kevin Simms demands Santos’ gun in return for Rachel’s safety and makes Conan pass it. Conan fires, grazing Rachel’s leg, making it difficult for Simms to use her as a hostage. He drops her, and Richard and Santos tackle him. The helicopter lands and takes them all to safety and Simms is arrested.


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