Case Closed fanDUB


We are happy to announce that we will be partnering with, DConaInstrumentals. We will be working side by side to bring you a fanDUB of Case Closed. This may be shocking for some of you to see us go this direction, but don’t worry. We intend to promote the Funimation season sets with season set commercials during the middle and in our openings. We will tell people to buy the seasons, while promoting the show a brand new way. Quality for this fanDUB is important, and we need voices. We will start where Case Closed left off at 131. We need 8 more voices before we can record however.

what do you guys think? We need voices!


Want to be a voice in the FanDUB of Case Closed? Send an email to list the character you are trying out for with your audio clip attached. We need at least 8 voices before we go forward with recording episodes.


12 thoughts on “Case Closed fanDUB

  1. tantei okuoku

    I can try and get you more voice actors in addition to myself who are actually good voice actors if you want. I actually can do a good young childs voice and female voice if you are interested.

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