Case Closed: Countdown to Heaven

Prices for Countdown to Heaven:

Amazon: $8.52

Right Stuf: $11.24

Gin and Vodka, on a hunt for Shiho Miyano, sneak into Akemi Miyano’s flat and listen to the messages on the answering machine. They discover that Shiho will attend a private viewing of two new skyscrapers in Tokyo with Jimmy Kudo. Gin and Vodka plan to end Shiho at the towers.

At the viewing, Yoshiaki Hara and Tokiwa Mio are murdered, after Ohki Iwamatsu, a builder of the skyscrapers, was killed in his apartment. Sake cups left at each murder scene links the three together in a serial murder case.

Before the murderer’s identity is revealed, the bombs planted by the Black Organization detonate, setting the building ablaze. Serena, Conan and Rachel evacuate in a glass elevator when it stops. Conan realizes that with her new perm, Serena looks like Shiho Miyano from behind. Conan distracts Serena, making her turn around, saving her from being shot by Gin, who thought she was Shiho.

After arriving safely to the ground, Conan re-enters the tower after learning that the Junior Detective League has not evacuated. He leaves them and confronts the serial murderer, Kiseragi, an elderly painter. Kiseragi blamed the tower employees for the construction of the tower, an edifice that obstructed his view of the Fuji Mountains. Conan shoots Kiseragi with his tranquilizer dart as the painter prepares to commit suicide.

With the bridges blown off and the bottom floors in flames, Conan powers a Ford Mustang convertible with the force of an explosion to propel the kids and him to safety. Viewing the inferno from afar, Gin and Vodka confirm that Shiho Miyano was not at the towers and abandon their search for her.


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