Case Closed: Captured in Her Eyes

Prices for Captured in Her Eyes:

Amazon: $9.79

Right Stuf: $11.24

On the way home, the Junior Detective League witness a policemen being killed by an unknown man. Conan Edogawa learns from the police that a killer has recently been murdering police officers in the area and that the killer has some sort of connection to the police. During a party, Simone Miwako is critically wounded by the killer. Rachel Moore, the only witness, is traumatized and consequently develops retrograde amnesia. While Conan investigates the culprit’s motive, he links the murders to a past case the police could not solve. Conan realizes the culprit was murdering officers who were planning on re-opening the case and deduces that the murderer is the psychologist tending to Rachel, who attempts to kill the only witness. Conan manages to intervene and reveals that the psychologist was once a heart surgeon that was intentionally injured by another doctor and was forced to retire. The psychologist then murdered the doctor, and the police determined the death was a suicide and closed the case. However, upon discovering that the case would be reopened, he decided to kill the officers responsible for the case to protect his identity. Conan and Rachel escape from the psychologist and after a long chase, they are cornered. Rachel regains her memory just as Conan disarms the criminal. She uses karate to stop the psychologist as he is about to grab Conan and stab him.


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