SaveCaseClosed goal is to get the anime series of “Case Closed” back in the U.S.

Case Closed is a detective anime about a teenage detective who is shrunk by an experimental poison of a rogue organisation, and about his efforts in trying to return to his teenage body and tell his best friend Rachel how he really feels about her. This show is the English Dubbed version of the Japanese “Detective Conan”.

Because of money issues the company which was previously in charge of giving the show English voice actors, FUNimation, ceased work on the project and are not likely re-air the show.

There is something the fans can do though to get FUNimation to broadcast the show once again. To raise FUNimations funds we can buy up merchandise from websites like Amazon and Rightstuff. Please feel free to discuss this topic or anything Case Closed on our forum as well.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Tedi Xhihani

    I know it doesn’t matter, but can you fix the misspelled organization? I’m not trying to say anything, it just looks more professional.

    • Marianne Martin Kibler

      British, Australian and some other English language speakers often spell a bit differently than Americans….organisation/organization is one of those words – drives me nuts too but it’s professionally and technically correct with either spelling 🙂

  2. David Litke

    What about doing a kickstarter in conjuction with funimation? We would then know how much money would be needed to revive this awesome show!!!!!!!

  3. Arun sharma

    please tell us when we will get 6 session? And i really like your effort and i do respect for your work and dedication.

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